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Our Services

Land Strategies, Inc. provides a wide range of development services, including detailed landscape architecture, site planning, land planning, and development consulting for residential and non-residential developments on both a small and large scale.
  • Site Planning

    Land Strategies, Inc.’s experience in creative site design marries the needs of the client with best design practices, creating development plans which reflect various functional and aesthetic elements. Our knowledge of the design requirements in multiple jurisdictions allows us to not only design development plans for our clients that meet their personal needs, but process those plans from review to approval.

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  • Land Planning

    Land Strategies, Inc. is comprised of a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who understand the integral link between planned developments, the approval processes, and the timelines associated with these processes in multiple jurisdictions. We create solutions to a multitude of development issues for private, corporate, and public clients. This includes residential and commercial subdivisions, condominium regimes, parkland/greenbelts/amenities, and all manner of other development types.

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  • Development Consulting

    Land Strategies, Inc. has a lengthy history of understanding development requirements in multiple jurisdictions within central Texas. With each new project, we are able to provide a comprehensive analysis of possible issues associated with each jurisdiction specific to every type of development project, from feasibility and yield analyses, to before-and-after “take” analyses, to the entitlements required to create a viable and attractive development. We guide our clients through required development processes, and provide our clients with an understanding of how to develop a project from the idea phase, to the entitlement phase, to the completion of the project, meeting client ideals, jurisdictional requirements, and adding value to the project.

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