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Danuta Dias

Ms. Dias has a background in Architecture and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin. She hails from Dubai, and has worked on numerous projects in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Germany. Ms. Dias brings her multidisciplinary and international knowledge to the team at LSI.
7 Years of Experience

While at The University of Texas at Austin, Ms. Dias worked on projects that ranged from riparian and wetland restoration to landscape infrastructure master planning, and regenerative landscapes after loss to wildfires. She also explored the spatial relation between the extent of urban tree canopy and demographic groups in the city of Austin and proposed an urban tree canopy prioritization plan based on the findings.

Ms. Dias enjoys traveling and uses those opportunities to sketch, and watercolor her travel experiences. She highly values the need for integration between environmental and social systems to generate site specific responses that create meaningful lasting communities for people.

Ms. Dias began working with Land Strategies, Inc. in 2015. Prior to that she worked at two Professional Design firms in the United Arab Emirates. Her duties include the preparation of Preliminary Plats and Site Development Plans, as well as preparation of landscape architecture plans, sections, and elevations, construction documents, renderings, and presentation graphics.

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