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Luke Hegeman

Mr. Hegeman’s path to landscape architecture was predicated by a strong interest in questions that art asks, and the answers that science seeks to provide. This dual interest has informed a professional path that strives to articulate space- man made and natural - in a manner that is cogent, evocative, and environmentally responsible.
8 Years of Experience

Pertinent work in graduate school focused on regional issues in Italy that dealt with urbanization in the context of dwindling resources, mainly land and water. Another project sought to seek balance between the rapid urbanization into the pampas grasslands of Argentina with an approach that sought to forefront environmental issues while creating a more dense urban fabric; a fabric that responds to the current and future conditions in a manner that is responsive to landscape, economy, and human interaction. As a research assistant at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, projects undertaken by Mr. Hegeman include early warning response systems to natural disasters and the impact of potential disasters upon urbanized areas.

Professionally, he has assisted in the planning, design, and implementation of projects ranging from garden scale to master planning, including the Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan and the Orange County Great Park, both located in southern California.

Mr. Hegeman is also holds a remote pilot certification, necessary for the work he does with unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drones as they are colloquially referred to. This ability to analyze and capture a site in real-time, put into the hands of a person trained to read the landscape and articulate issues, is an invaluable tool for understanding the context of a site at a greater depth and in greater detail. One such project was featured in the BOLD: Alternative Scenarios for Chicago section of the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Those large scale projects, studies of urbanization, and the emerging development of UAS imagery provide Mr. Hegeman with a framework for approaching projects at Land Strategies, Inc. in a manner that responds to conditions of economy, ecology, and context in order to better serve as a conduit for the betterment of society and the environment.

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